Ballet - Tap - Jazz - Lyrical - Contemporary - Modern - Hip Hop - PointE - Acro    

We are incredibly fortunate that our annual recital is held in early June at a beautiful, professional facility. All students participate. We feel that every student can benefit from performing on a world class stage.

The number of routines each class performs is the decision of the studio. Ready made costumes will be chosen and purchased through the studio. Each student also purchases a recital package which includes a recital t-shirt, DVD of the performance, CD of student's recital music, and a memory button.

Auditions are held for our performing companies in June and/or July. These groups study at least twice a week, twelve months a year with two small scheduled breaks.  Ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, character, modern, hip hop, and pointe are studied..

Dance conventions/intensives and master classes are one of the many perks of being a company member.  Membership requires a high level of commitment to dance and to the studio. 


Performing Companies
Dress Rehearsal & Recital