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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our Owner


1. When is fall REGISTRATION? How much does REGISTRATION cost?

We are currently taking registration for the fall; however, registration will close mid-October, so don't miss your chance to REGISTER TODAY! Tuition rates vary depending on class placement. Payments are made in TEN equal installments (easier to remember) starting in August and going thru May. *Company tuition payments are made in TWELVE installments.

2. What day and time will ballet/tap/jazz/lyrical class(es) be offered for my child's age this school year? (2021-2022) 

Our current class schedule (excluding Company classes) are listed below. This can also be found on the Curriculum Tab along with basic class descriptions and ages.

  • ​Tiny Twos - TUESDAY 4:00-4:45 (2 year olds). It is a Creative Movement/Ballet Class.
  • Preschool I-II - THURSDAY 4:30-5:30 (3-4 year olds). It is a Ballet/Tap Combo Class.
  • Preschool II-III - TUESDAY 4:30-5:30 (4-5 year olds). It is a Ballet/Tap Combo Class.
  • Primary I-II - THURSDAY 5:30-6:30 (NEW). It is a Ballet/Tap Combo Class.
  • Primary II-III – WEDNESDAY 4:30-5:30 (RET). It is a Ballet/Tap Combo Class.
  • Jazz (Ages 6-8) – WEDNESDAY 5:30-6:15 (Beginners)
  • Elementary Combo I-III – TUESDAY 7:00-8:30.  It is a Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Class.
  • Petite Combo – WEDNESDAY 4:30-6:30. It is a Ballet/Tap/Jazz/ Lyrical Combo Class.
  • Pre-Teen/Teen Combo – MONDAY 7:00-9:00. It is a Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Lyrical Combo Class. ​
  • Adults - WEDNESDAY 7:00-9:00 It is a Tap/Jazz Combo Class.

A la carte classes offered, please come visit us for more information!

3. Are parents allowed to watch or wait in the waiting room?

​Parents are not allowed to watch on a weekly basis. Some parents will wait in the waiting room, especially in those first few weeks...but that doesn't last long! :) When they see how quickly the girls pick up on our weekly routine the parents are usually off to run errands and will pick up at the end of class.  We do have a parent’s visitation & awards week in May to show off their curriculum and Recital dance(s) and receive their certificate of completion.

4. How many kids are typically in a class?

​Class sizes vary from year to year; however, we like to keep the class no more than 12-14 so each dancer feels they are getting individual attention each week! 

5. For the recital, do the younger kids get to perform first or at least earlier in the afternoon/night?

​Each year the youngest age group is #2 in the whole show...right after the Opening number!  The cuteness is ALWAYS a BIG HIT!  If a group has more than one number in the recital, they typically have one in the first act and the other in the second act.

6. Can you pick up your kid once they are done with their part of the recital?

​I always encourage parents to pick up their dancer at intermission and let them go out into the audience to watch!  I tell everybody that the girls see a different side of the show than the audience does and I feel it is important that they get to experience both! 

7. Do the teachers perform on stage with the class or does the class perform on their own?

​The teachers will NOT perform on the stage with them...We do things a bit differently than other studios, we do "our hands" while sitting in the pit (in front of stage) where the little dancers can see the teachers BUT the audience CAN NOT!!  We don't want to take away from them and their hard work!  It always amazes me how well they do without help, but I stay right there just in case they need a friendly, smiling reminder!  Side note:  Each class has at least one student assistant.  Our student assistants consist of members of our Senior Company, they assist weekly classes as part of their Graduate Program.  They are present to help and encourage the students but are NOT teaching the class.

8. Are classes based on age and/or ability?

Class placement is based on age, ability, and years of dance.  Class placement is also decided at the owner's discretion.

9. If the class is a combo ballet/tap class, do they perform in 2 recital pieces or just one?

Here is a layout of how many pieces each group does based on their class.

  • Tiny Twos & Preschool Combos - 1 (ballet or tap, I like to alternate from year to year when it comes to the recital pieces)
  • Primary Combos - 2 (ballet and tap)
  • Elementary Combo– 3 (ballet, tap, and jazz)
  • Petite Combo/Pre-Teen/Teen Combos - 4 (ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical)

​10. What is the attire requirements, including hair?

​We maintain a strict dress code for ALL classes. All dancewear is fitted and purchased through the studio.  

Dancewear requirements:

  • Preschool and Primary classes include: Purple Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Tap Shoes
  • Elementary, Pre-Teen and Teen classes include: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Tap Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes and Black Shorts
  • A la carte classes: please see owner and instructors
  • Hair is to be worn in a nice tight secure bun for ALL classes.

11. Also, for the yearly recital, what additional fees are there set aside from costumes?

​We have a $100.00 recital package included in the recital statement in addition to the costume: The package consists of a Recital T-shirt (with the cast list on the back), a DVD recorded live during the recital, a CD of the dancer’s recital music to practice at home, and a memorabilia button.

12. How much were ticket prices at last year's recital?

​​We hold our annual recital at the beautiful Ferguson Center for the Arts at Christopher Newport University. Ticket sales are handled through the Ferguson Center Box Office and include minor fees and tax.

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